Oct 012009
Authors: Compiled Heidi Reitmeier

Thank you wind. I was starting to forget why I hated biking back from class. The leaves in my mouth and hair sure are a good reminder.

To the girl who was vigorously assaulting the Ingersoll vending machine: Did you really need that extra bag of sun chips?

Does anyone else think its weird that there are monks on campus? And they use cell phones?

The swine flu’s worst enemy: Marijuana!

To my Finance Prof: Thank you for the new career goal this morning in saying “Somebody has to get paid to do the stripping.”

I would like a bailout from CSU in the form of a new liver, please. Thank you.

To the girl who almost ran me over: I appreciate your attempt to get me out of my midterms next week. Next time try a little harder to hit me.

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