Oct 012009
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

As the impetus for the driving force of the economy in Northern Colorado, we as students have a vested interest in what many of us see as second-most important industry in the area: Beer.

Thus, we need to have representation on any committees, groups, panels, etc. that make decisions regarding this luscious nectar.

Currently, however, the Colorado Brewers’ Festival 2010 planning committee is discussing potential changes to next summer’s Brewfest, including a change of venue, adding more food and music and focusing on beer tasting instead of celebrating the drinking culture. These are discussions where students aren’t represented.

And while the committee may seek our input via opinion forums on campus, we demand a stronger voice in these talks.

Our request to you, committee: Open a spot in your group for a student representative.

CSU injects essential financial liquidity into the liquor market in the form of students throwing our sometimes-outrageous parties, not to mention the fact that we contribute expertise for the industry after students leave their microbiology courses and hit the brewing job market.

Student representation on the committee will give us a say in changes and might even produce some socially lucrative ideas.

Heck, we at the Collegian are constantly coming up with possible innovations to the festival, like, if the city decides to move it from Old Town, bringing it to campus.

Just imagine the brewing fanfare that would be directed away from the downtown companies and focused in the historic Oval.

See? We’re full of ideas, and we need to be part of this dialogue.

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