Oct 012009
Authors: Fleming K.C.

Citing a need for renovations in the Lory Student Center, student and faculty officials are looking for input from the student body about what the changes should be.

The proposed renovations, which marketing director for the LSC board Brittany Habben said include revamping the theater and expanding the building — something which began in 2004 with the construction of the Transit Center on the north side of the LSC/– will cost an estimated $25 million, Executive Director of the LSC Michael Ellis said.

That number, he said, could change based on student suggestions, however.

“(The budget) more or less depends on student needs and desires,” Ellis said.

The building’s governing board will install a suggestion box on the LSC Plaza where students will be able to voice their views on how various areas in the student center should be changed.

Board members will hand out cake and to encourage input from students.

In lieu of gathering student opinion, the board will host a three-day meeting starting on Oct. 19 with architects from both Perkins and Wells and Aller Lingle Massey.

Hannah Mackay, the vice chair of the board, said the renovations, which are part of what the board calls its “master plan” to improve the services the center offers, will change as the group sees fit after it evaluates the suggestion box content.

“It just kinda depends on how the current construction is going and what we decide to add on to the master plan and what we decide to change from the previous years,” she said.

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