Sep 302009

OK, we get it. We’ve all been freshmen.

No longer than 15 minutes after parents drop off the newly independent Ramblings, they bolt for the Wellness Zone for free condoms and lube.

Although we have no proof, we all know that freshman, excluding Engineering majors, hump like bunnies. And dang, most of you are frisky.

Anyone who’s lived in a residence hall has been, or known some who’s been, sexiled/–/exiled by a sexing roommate.

An unlucky few, however, have walked in on a roomie pants down with a significant other. Or have been awakened by the back and forth sea-like motion of a bunkmate in the throes of passionate lovemaking.

One university —- Tufts in Massachusetts — has finally taken a stand against this debauchery.

The East Coast institution has banned students from committing the act of sex in dorm rooms while his or her roommate is in the room, along with barring sexiling.

Finally somebody has the balls to stand up to these nude wrongdoers by telling them where to stuff it. Or rather, where not to stuff it.

So we challenge you, frosh, keep it in your pants at least when the roommate’s around.

Be respectful to your fellow living partner because it’s rude, and Facebook exists as forum for indecent photos.

Class it up, CSU. Or at least move the sex to the shower.

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