U+2 to undergo change

Sep 292009
Authors: Kirsten Silveira

City government officials granted Housing Inspector Derf Green’s request for an administrative change to the city occupancy ordinance Monday, shortly before Green offered his resignation.

The change, which allows violators of the occupancy ordinance/– commonly known as U+2 or 3-Unrelated — 30 days instead of seven to move out after a violation, is one of a series of proposed changes included in the Associated Students of CSU’s “working document” aimed at reforming the controversial ordinance that was released earlier this month.

“We started to realize seven days wasn’t enough to find appropriate housing,” Green said.

Green, who holds his position for two more weeks, is a known supporter of strict U+2 enforcement and is the only inspector in the city who investigates possible violations once they’re reported. He declined to explain his reasons for resigning.

Courtney Sullivan, director of Community Affairs for ASCSU, said that she knew certain elements of the ordinance can be changed without a vote from City Council, but when she drafted the proposal, she included the change anyway.

Sullivan said when students voiced their opinions of the law to City Council last May, one of the major complaints students levied was that seven days is not an adequate amount of time to find a new place to live.

“Council seemed very receptive to that point of view,” she said. “If nothing else from our proposal gets passed, at least we accomplished this.”

Green’s position has yet to be filled, but Manager of Fort Collins Neighborhood Services Beth Sowder said the city would continue to investigate complaints until he is replaced.

ASCSU Beat Reporter Kirsten Silveira can be reached at news@collegian.com.

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