Sep 292009
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Grab a few beers for you and your three or four illegal roommates; it’s time to celebrate CSU’s first victory in the fight to reform the city occupancy ordinance.

City officials granted Housing Inspector Derf Green’s request to change the amount of time violators of the occupancy ordinance –/known as U+2 — have to move out after a violation from seven days to 30.

The change is one of several proposed by the Associated Students of CSU in a “working document,” released earlier this month, aimed at reforming U+2 and is the first compromise they’ve succeeded in getting.

Green, who resigned after his request was granted, said the city began to realize that seven days isn’t enough time for violators to find appropriate housing –/something students could have told them from the start.

However, while Green would not explain his reasons for resigning, we laud both him and the city for making a reasonable, needed change.

For many students, finding legal affordable housing in Fort Collins is no easy task and studies have shown a significant portion of them break the law. Since violators get punished as it is, it only makes sense to allow violators a practical amount of time to move out.

So, thank you, Fort Collins government, for erring on the side of students on this one, and congratulations, ASCSU, for your success.

This change is evidence that the city is willing to make reasonable compromises relating to U+2, and the changes Student Government has proposed are nothing if not reasonable and justified.

ASCSU’s thought-out, strategic approach of working toward compromise might just be effective, and although this new change may be only a small victory, it’s one step toward a larger, noble goal.

Keep it up, ASCSU. Students, it’s time to buy in.

Oh, and one more thing: If you’re underage, don’t grab those beers. That’d be just another violation of city law.

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