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Coming off its first loss of the season at BYU, the CSU football team was down and hurting this weekend, thinking about what could have been.

“We were just kind of disappointed because you start to get those thoughts in your head of: Well, maybe we win this and we go to Idaho, and we win,” senior cornerback Nick Oppenneer said. ”

“You just get those hopes of conference and an undefeated season. That’s what pops up in your head, and it’s hard not to let it.”

A return to the practice field Tuesday, with the pads strapped on, hitting each other and throwing and catching the ball, lifted the Rams’ spirits.

“It was good to see everyone upbeat, moving around after the loss this weekend,” senior captain Cole Pemberton said.

Pemberton and fellow captain Oppenneer are keeping the team’s mood positive and reminding them that they are 3-1.

“It sucks losing, especially to BYU, especially the way we did,” Pemberton said. “But we’re still 3-1, and we can still go on and have a one-loss season.”

“We can’t sit here and dwell on that one loss, so we’ve just got to keep our heads up and keep pushing.”

Oppenneer echoed Pemberton’s feelings.

“I’m going to keep telling people and Klint (Kubiak) will, Cole will, Shelley (Smith), John (Mosure), but people have got to come along too, and I think we are,” Oppenneer said.

Sophomore safety Elijah-Blu Smith said the team knows what happened on Saturday and where it needs to improve.

“I think we’re just in a work mentality,” Smith said. “We don’t want to play around too much. We’re just focusing.”

Oppenneer is keeping the season in perspective — eight games still remain on the Rams’ schedule.

“It’s a long season. It’s only the fourth game of the season. We’ve got to bounce back and everyone knows that,” Oppenneer said.

Where to watch Saturday’s game

As announced last week, CSU’s game against Idaho on Saturday will no longer be televised on Altitude 2, but rather ESPNU.

ESPN 360 also picked up the game, but Monday, the network announced it is dropping the game from its online channel, leaving TV as the only viewing option for CSU football fans.

ESPNU is available on DirecTV, Ch. 614. Comcast does not carry ESPNU in Denver or Northern Colorado. However, CB & Potts and Stonehouse Grille will show Saturday’s game, which kicks off at 8:30 p.m.

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