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Richie and Seth, two brothers running from the law, try to escape to Mexico.

After killing their captive and taking a family hostage, the brothers use the family for cover to sneak across the Mexican border. Once they reach their destination, a bar, they are treated to a dance.

The dancer, Santanico Pandemonium, turns into a vampire with the rest of the bar’s staff. Richie and Seth then fight to survive until dawn to get out alive.

“From Dusk ’till Dawn” is just one horror movie produced by Quentin Tarantino, an award winning screenwriter, director, actor and producer. Tarantino is known as one of the most creative movie masterminds of our time, directing movies such as “Kill Bill,” “Pulp Fiction,” “Reservoir Dogs” and most recently, “Inglourious Basterds.”

According to, Tarantino “was perhaps the most distinctive and volatile talent to emerge in American film in the early ’90s.”

In 2007, Total Film magazine rated Tarantino as the 12th greatest director of all-time.

To honor his successes and review some of his greatest films, the Association for Student Activity Programming is hosting the “Quentin Tarantino Film Festival.”

Stephanie Corder, junior graphic design major and member of ASAP’s film committee, said that the expected turnout of this event would be about 66 people — about 10 percent of the theatre’s total capacity.

The film festival, taking place in the Lory Student Center Theatre, is a three-day long festival ending on Thursday. The festival will be showing movies such as “Kill Bill Vol. 1,” “Pulp Fiction,” and “From Dusk ’till Dawn.”

“I’d love to say (the best part of his movies) is the catalyst of dark humor. (Tarantino) puts his own spin and his own touch in his movies. They’re amazing,” Corder said.

Born on March 27, 1963, in Knoxville Tenn., Tarantino was raised solely by his mother. He dropped out of high school at the age of 15 and later attended the acting school James Best Theatre Company.

Throughout his teenage years, Tarantino worked numerous odd jobs. He began working in a porn cinema called the Pussycat Theatre, checking tickets at the entrance. At age 22, he upgraded to a video shop called Video Archives in California Manhattan Beach as a video clerk.

Here Tarantino spent his days discussing movies and suggesting films to clients with his future producing partner, Roger Avary.

From there, the movie-buff, Tarantino, began producing his first screen writes.

In 1995, “Pulp Fiction” won a Golden Globe and Oscar for the best original screenplay, in 2004 Tarantino won the American Choreography Award for a fight scene in “Kill Bill: Vol. 2,” in addition to winning many other film festivals and awards.

Clay Mathre, a Fort Collins resident attending the film festival, said that “Pulp Fiction” is his favorite movie because “it’s gritty.”

“(His movies) have lots of action, witty dialogue and are well-made,” Mathre said.

Julia Benson, a sophomore broadcast major, also enjoys his movies for their clever plots.

“Quinten Tarantino is a mastermind in the movie business. He adds his own unique touch to them and that’s what makes them so great,” Benson said. “I’m hoping I can make it to “From Dusk ’till Dawn tomorrow” — one of my favorite movies.”

Movies start at 6 p.m. and are free and open to the public.

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What: Quentin Tarantino Film Festival

When: Tonight, 6 p.m. – “From Dusk ’till Dawn”

Thursday, 6 p.m. – “Pulp Fiction”

Where: Lory Student Center Theatre

Admission: Free and open to the public

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