Sep 282009
Authors: Ian Bezek, M. Alex Stephens

By M. Alex Stephens

The United States must take a stand against Iran before the situation becomes any worse. While we should definitely not fall into the same pre-emptive mindset that defined the Bush Doctrine, Iran must be recognized as a legitimate threat to our allies and the appropriate diplomatic measures need to be taken.

In a unified voice with the United Nations, America should exert whatever political and economic pressure is necessary, short of invasion, to prevent Iran from furthering their nuclear weapon and missile development. Why? Because No. 1 on Iran’s hit list, ahead of even America, is our dear friend, close ally and foot soldier in the Middle East–Israel.

I don’t agree with many of Israel’s policies or politics. I don’t think Israel deserves our continued support, whether it’s economic or militaristic, while they continue subversive (and in some cases inhumane) policies toward Palestine.

But, I do recognize that cutting support to Israel would place our Jewish allies in very dire straits, especially after Iran claimed Monday to have missiles capable of striking them as well as parts of Europe. Even disregarding the case for protecting Israel, America needs to take action against Iran’s missile test, whether it was just muscle flexing or actual show of threat, for the sake of all our allies.

By Ian Bezek

The United States does not need to take any actions, be it sanctions or military maneuvers, against Iran. While Iran’s success with its missile tests this week show that Iran is a powerful nation that the United States should monitor closely, at this time, Iran is not a significant threat to America.

The role of the American government is to defend Americans; Iran has shown neither will nor ability to deliver these missiles, nor any other sort of military force, to American civilians.

Like Saddam Hussein and Kim Jong Il before him, Mahmoud Ahmedinijad is a loud barker with no bite. Remember, though Hussein talked a big game, he had no nuclear weapons. The closest thing he had to weapons of mass destruction were fertilizer sprayers that, in the paranoid delusions of the Central Intelligence Agency, were capable of dispensing biological weapons.

While I understand Alex’s argument that we must defend America’s ally Israel and thus take action against Iran, I disagree. Israel has committed innumerable human rights violations and violated a prodigious number of U.N. resolutions and is thus unworthy of further American support.

America is hated by Middle Easterners because of our hypocrisy; we claim to value human rights and yet we coddle up to Saudi Arabia and Israel, two of the region’s worst offenders of human liberty. We should, as our founders said, break entangling alliances.

Just as history has shown our past alliances with Iran’s Shah in the 1970s and Saddam Hussein in the 1980s, we will look back at our support of Israel with similar disgust. Beside, if Israel is so endangered by Iran, they can handle it themselves, Israel has more than 100 nuclear weapons in their arsenal. Let Israel fight its own battles while we keep our troops safe here in America.

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