Sep 272009

Well it looks like it’s getting worse, as experts predicted.

University officials confirmed that more than 800 students had reported experiencing H1N1 symptoms since Sept. 4.

“What does this mean to me, Joe Blow student?” you ask yourself.

The question is certainly a complex one. But there’s no call for panic.

While CSU is treating every case of H1N1 as swine flu and telling students to stay away from class if they’re exhibiting symptoms, the virus is just a strain of influenza.

There are slight differences between this strain and that of the normal one, like stronger respiratory symptoms and a tendency to hit people in the college age demographic harder than infants and the elderly. But preliminary reports show that H1N1 has a smaller kill rate than your average, run-of-the-mill strain.

So because the regular flu season has yet to start, what it really means is simply that this year’s flu spell will be a bit longer than most.

Not to downplay the effects of the disease. Sure, it’s a serious pandemic.

But, while headlines in the nation’s largest newspapers –/as well as in the Collegian — reflect a continuing trend of more people contracting the disease, it’s really nothing to get your panties in too much of a twist about.

The rules are simple: Wash your hands, take your vitamins to boost your immune system, stay away from the coughers on the Plaza and in the workplace and, if you do end up with the disease, report your symptoms on RAMweb and stay out of the classroom. Your teachers are required to excuse you.

Stay healthy, CSU.

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