Sep 242009
Authors: Madeline Novey

Today through Oct. 4, food patrons can enjoy a three-course meal in a new fashion – appetizers, dinner and dessert from 17 participating restaurants across the Fort Collins Downtown area – as a part of the city’s “Downtown Tasting Tours.”

For example, one could start out the night with a beet salad and a margarita at the Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant on Mountain Avenue, walk east to Coopersmith’s Pub and Brewery for grilled buffalo tenderloin with a port wine demi-glaze and end the evening with a slice of peach pie at Crown Pub on College Avenue.

To read up on a night of food and restaurant-hopping by the Collegian food columnists Mike and Madeline and their guest eater Steve Benton, a fellow co-worker, around the Downtown scene, read the Fort Collins Food Diaries next Wednesday.

No ticket is required to participate in the tours. Interested eaters need only to pay as they go at each restaurant.

To see an interactive map of participating restaurants – that allows users to click on a restaurant and view its three-course menu for the evening – visit:

“Downtown Tasting Tours” is a part of Homegrown Fort Collins: A Harvest Celebration, a city celebration of the harvest season and the community cuisine through several events:

/ Sept. 30: “Special Edition Science Café,” a presentation that will offer practical advice from CSU’s Crops for Health research program about prudent dietary behaviors

/ Oct. 3: “Adventures in Food,” a series of cooking and vegetable preparation classes, and

/ Oct. 4: “Homegrown Challenge,” a head-to-head chef’s challenge, among others.

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