Sep 242009
Authors: Kirsten Silveira

When asked about their relationship with Brad Boda — a Rocky Mountain High School counselor facing allegations that he committed numerous heinous acts of sexual abuse on children he worked with — students from CSU and other universities who knew him said they had nothing but clean interactions with him.

“He’s an awesome guy. I never would have expected anything like this from him,” said Tyler Meyer, a RMHS graduate whom Boda counseled.

Myer said Boda, 38, had been his adviser for three years at the school and said the allegations seem bizarre because Boda had always been helpful and well liked.

Boda was arrested Wednesday for an array of charges, including sexual assault on a child, sexual exploitation of children and enticement of a child, most of them on children he met through work with Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church over the course of two decades.

Boda is now free after making his $50,000 bail with a court hearing scheduled for Oct. 2.

Allegations include:

Talking minors into exposing their genitals

oral copulation with minors

viewing pornography with minors

offering minors money to talk about masturbation, and

viewing sexual activities between minors.

“He was a really good guy,” said Vanessa Bisetti, an undeclared freshman at the University of Arizona who worked with Boda before she went out of state. “He helped our family get through a lot of things.”

Boda, who was ordered to stay away from minors upon bail, will be on administrative leave from his position at RMHS until further notice.

In a statement on the school’s Web site, RMHS Principal Tom Lopez said, “We want to assure you that no allegations of misconduct of any kind have been reported against Brad Boda while employed at Rocky Mountain High School.”

Boda has been a counselor at RMHC since 2000, and throughout his time there, he served as the adviser to dozens, if not hundreds, of now CSU students, many of whom expressed their support.

Bailey Johnson, a senior psychology major and RMHS graduate, said she knew Boda through the peer counseling program and that she was sad to hear the news of his arrest.

“I just hope it’s a terrible mistake,” Johnson said.

Although he never had Boda as a counselor during his two years at RMHS, junior public relations major Stuart Buchanan said he and his friends would frequently hang out in Boda’s office to talk. He said Boda was “nice and genuine” and never said anything that struck Buchanan as out of the ordinary.

CSU student and RMHS graduate Alyssa DeLaTorre said she was close with Boda because she worked with him in the program. When she heard the allegations, she said she was shocked.

“He counseled me, my brother and my sister during our time at RMHS and was always very supportive,” DeLaTorre said.

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