Sep 232009
Authors: Compiled Heidi Reitmeier

Does anyone else feel like all our lives would be significantly improved if the library checked out blankets?

Note to self: Don’t walk into street signs.

Since we’re all paying for our school here, isn’t it only fair to let us pay for our own grades, too? Work on that bookstore.

To the guy with his handlebars taped to his bike. Yeah, I don’t think that’s such a great idea.

Thank you loftable dorm beds. You make watching my roommate get in and out of bed the highlight of my day.

Ugg: The brand name that is also an expression of disgust. Must be a coincidence.

If only there was a bar in the library I wouldn’t have to go to the Ramskeller beforehand.

Snow in September? That Al Gore is full of s***.

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