Sep 232009
Authors: Olaus Linn

The mild curiosity with which I began reading Mr. Stern’s opinion column last Friday rapidly turned to outright consternation the further I delved.

In fact, this piece of writing came across as so dense and obtuse that I cannot, for the life of me, figure out what it is about. Mr. Stern speaks of an impending scandal and crisis without properly expounding on its cause.

As far as I can tell, this was an opinion piece attempting to bring a vague conspiracy theory that suggests that there/is no letter declaring President Obama to be a lawful presidential candidate out into the light in order to lend it some legitimacy./

He rambles about the/ramifications of this if it were true, and then begs the people to sit up and/demand further inquiry into this story./His piece then finishes with a fairly incoherent passage, seemingly taking aim at the previous administration’s mistakes. I would like a clarification from Mr. Stern:

Is this, as I suspect, an anti-President Obama column? More tossing of accusations/about Obama’s citizenship without a single viable source or shred of evidence?/

Or is Seth Stern merely an avid conspiracy-theory buff, who’s truly willing to blithely believe that not only is Obama a foreigner and closet Muslim, but also that Bush perpetrated 9-11, Kennedy was shot by the FBI and the moon landing was faked by Hollywood?

Please, dear Collegian, aid me in my plight and enlighten me.

Olaus Linn

Graphic Design, Sophomore

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