Sep 232009
Authors: Reuben Addo

I enjoyed reading Josh Phillips’ article published on Tuesday titled “Pelosi must stop trying to spread New Red Scare.” You touched on many issues that I strongly agree with. However, Phillips made the assertion that President Obama’s health care reform is an “attempt to socialize America.” This, I believe, is identical with spreading a “New Red Scare,” because you, not Pelosi, are the one creating a kind of fear-mongering among Americans.

Socialism is an economic and political ideology in which the state controls the production and distribution of resources. You allude to, just as most people who disagree with the president’s health care reforms have, the idea that the president’s health care reform plan is synonymous with socialism. This is baseless, though health care reform might be an aspect of socialism, it does not make the country socialist.

Social security, unemployment insurance, child welfare, financial aid and many others are social policies. Is the United States a socialist country because it has Medicaid or Medicare? Or is Britain a socialist country because it has universal health insurance? No. The fact that most countries have social policies to address the challenges of the vulnerable does not make them socialist. State control of the means, production and distribution of goods and services are the policies that make a country socialistic.

Reuben Addo

Social Work, Junior

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