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Authors: Elyse Jarvis

CSU’s senior director of Alumni Relations recently filed a request soliciting bids from marketing firms to conduct focus groups with alumni in the Denver area, to be funded from the CSU-Fort Collins budget.

The goal of the focus groups, requested by Director Paul Wolansky in Denver, will be to work with alumni to determine “what specifically is going to engage them,” according to Michele McKinney, CSU System Board of Governors spokesperson, in hopes of recruiting a volunteer base and yielding monetary donations.

The Denver Metro Area houses the highest number of CSU alumni, according to McKinney, and there, she said, the university has the opportunity to build “a much larger base.”

Mark Minor, vice president of public affairs, said results to come from the not-yet-selected marketing firm will be research-based and will cost much less — totaling approximately $10,000 to $15,000, he estimated — than marketing campaigns for efforts like advertising for CSU’s green initiatives have.

The initiative will be funded through the university’s department of Advancement and Strategic Initiatives, not the campus’s Public Affairs budget. Public Affairs made cuts in light of recent economic woes, resulting in the termination of Karen Klimczak, former associate vice president for Marketing in Fort Collins and the CSU system’s marketing director.

Klimczak was primarily responsible for working with media outlets to place advertising for CSU’s prominent Green University campaign.

Advertising for the Campaign for Colorado State University, which aims to raise $500 million by 2012, has resulted in more prominent advertising schemes throughout campus this semester, though that initiative is separately funded by the department for Advancement and Strategic Initiatives.

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