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Authors: Kirsten Silveira

Shaun Reed, a top contender in last year’s race for student government president, was ratified alongside two other assistant directors as the assistant director of Community Affairs Wednesday night.

Maren Mclaughlin-Koltz was ratified as the new assistant director of Environmental Affairs and Elizabeth Meurer was ratified as assistant director of RamRide.

Associated Students of CSU President Dan Gearhart said these new members were the best candidates for the jobs and that during their interviews it was apparent that they were dedicated to the organization.

“Passion. In ASCSU you need passion and you can see it in them,” Gearhart said.

Reed formerly worked as the assistant director of Legislative Affairs and assistant director of Student Services for ASCSU and served as a part of community outreach for the Obama campaign in North Carolina last fall.

“The work I did (with the campaign) helped me to understand the inner workings of a community,” Reed said, later adding that his experience will help the Community Affairs department reach their goals concerning the city’s occupancy ordinance 3-unrelated, which prohibits three unrelated persons from living together under roof.

Reed’s presidential campaign last spring was centered around community engagement and he said the fundamental reason he is now a part of Community Affairs is to carry out those promises, even though he was not elected president.

Mclaughlin-Koltz, a senior political science major, said after looking into other student advocacy outlets, she felt her position at ASCSU would allow her to “get more done” on campus, and her main goal is contribute to Environmental Affairs’ efforts to make CSU more environmentally aware.

“Maybe we can actually make CSU the ‘green’ university,” she said.

Muerer, a freshman undeclared major seeking social work, has volunteered for RamRide twice and said that although the position within RamRide is extremely demanding, it’s a position where she could “do some good” for the entire CSU community.

“RamRide is aiming for change and I’d like to help facilitate that,” Muerer said.

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