Yays and Nays

Sep 212009
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Yay | to the CSU football team starting the season with a 3-0 record. Finally, a Colorado football team that doesn’t completely suck.

Nay | to Colorado lawmakers announcing the state will come up $240 million short in the current budget year. But, who cares? We’re just poor apathetic college students with no need to enter the workforce anytime soon.

yay | to the 9th Annual CSU Diversity Conference today in Lory Student Center Room 210. The conference should be enlightening for the CSU community, despite our “vastly diverse” student population.

nay | to sudden cold weather. Thank you, Mother Nature for confusing us with nice weather this weekend only to leave us standing frigid Monday, dressed in flip-flops, skirts and T-shirts.

yay | to the CSU Police Department’s program Safe Walk. Finally, someone that will talk to band geeks and engineering nerds, even if the conversation is forced.

Nay | to potential Colorado terrorists. But honestly, if you had to drive way out to D.I.A. every day, wouldn’t you want to blow something up, too?

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