Ram Talk

Sep 212009

This weekend I learned that at 10:30 in the morning it’s only acceptable to wear a bathrobe with rope as a belt and pink fuzzy slippers to get food if you look like you’re hung over. Thanks, college.

I love Monday 8 o’clocks. Not only was I hung over and soaked from riding two miles to class, but I also had a massive hickey and yellow hair courtesy of yesterday’s dying experiment. Great.

The worst thing about fall by far … the re-surfacing of Ugg boots.

My first thought when I walked outside this morning was that it wasn’t that cold. Then I saw the snow on the hills above Horsetooth and thought that yes, it really is that cold.

To the guy with the 4Runner with an eagle covering his back windshield and a bumper sticker saying “Proud to be American.” Your Japanese SUV certainly shows it off.

I save this green university money by peeing in the shower. You’re welcome,

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