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Authors: Josh Phillips,

Seth Stern

While I appreciate the intent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to protect us from acts of terrorism, the case against Najibullah Zazi, 24, and his 53-year-old father, Mohammed Wali Zazi, seems positioned to become a major source of embarrassment for the men in black.

The primary charges at this point seem to be making false statements to the government. If the founders of the nation were here to see this insanity, they would tear apart the J. Edgar Hoover building by hand.

If Zazi was part of an actual terror plot, then burn him, I have no heartburn with this. However, some of us knew the PATRIOT Act was a license to abuse power when the despotic idiots in Washington signed it without reading it in 2002.

That the Supreme Court upheld it as constitutional is one of the more abhorrent findings of my lifetime, possibly only rivaled by the McCain/Feingold Act and Roe v. Wade.

Now we have a situation where the FBI has supposedly conducted a thorough investigation against these men, yet the only charges filed are “lying?” If it is a crime to lie, why is the FBI not arresting every member of Congress who has said national health care will not cover illegal immigrants?

The bottom line in my mind is they screwed up. If the FBI uses even a modicum of common sense, they would have put a tail on this kid and dropped the hammer while he is in the act. As it stands, they have opened the door for these guys to learn how to fight prosecutions as the result of investigations.

Josh Phillips

Now, I’m no student of law, but I do know that one cannot be found guilt merely by association. However, this does not mean that the government can’t find reasonable cause to make an investigation into somebody’s actions if they have been known to associate with possible criminals – or, in this case, possible terrorists.

Such is the case with Najibullah Zazi, an associate of New York man Ahmad Wais Afzali’s, who, upon investigation, was found to have documents that described how to construct bombs. The bottom line is that it is the FBI’s job to uncover such material and contain it before a terrorist act is carried out.

While there is no doubt in my mind that the PATRIOT Act is one of the most unconstitutional acts passed in our nation’s history, I have found nothing that connects its abusive powers to the recent arrest of Denver resident Zazi or Afzali.

The PATRIOT Act allows officials to wiretap and intercept other transmissions with barely a shred of justifiable reasoning, and according to Don Kuby, Afzali’s attorney, Afzali was fully aware that the FBI was monitoring his phone calls.

As such, the PATRIOT Act doesn’t even apply. Afzali was cooperating with officials and granted permission to listen in on his phone calls. It sounds as though Afzali let a little too much info slip during one of his phone calls and tried to deny that it ever took place.

The FBI is doing what it has always done, PATRIOT Act or not, and it looks like it has done an excellent job in keeping citizens safe while refraining from overstepping its bounds.

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