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Authors: Josh Phillips

Last week I saw something that reminded me of a small, neurotic Chihuahua that was on the verge of wetting itself over something trivial – like maybe a curious Siamese kitten that carefully approached the pathetic, self-absorbed dog. Instead of putting on a bold face, this Chihuahua averted its shifty gaze, left and right, as it attempted to instill fear in the rest of the dogs around it.

I’m referring, of course, to Nancy Pelosi’s ridiculous attempt to scare us into believing that any rhetoric that does not agree with Obama’s policies are dangerous, hate-filled and racially motivated.

Thankfully, President Obama stepped up and acknowledged that this “anti-Obama movement” has nothing to do with his race and instead is centered largely on a debate that has been around since the founding of the United States, which asks just how large a role government should play in the daily lives of citizens.

Nancy Pelosi is the instigator of a kind of fear-mongering that the United States hasn’t seen since the height of the Cold War. George W. Bush left us in a paranoid state that leads us to think that terrorists could be anywhere, especially airports, and that it is our civic duty to inform officials of suspicious behavior.

Now, Pelosi and other “progressive” liberals are espousing the idea that the only people we really need to fear are other Americans. This sort of view is extremely infantile. It’s like the Red Scare in the 1950’s. Not only has Obama’s administration asked us to report those who oppose his health care reform, they are suggesting that our neighbors are potentially dangerous, right-wing extremists.

And maybe you, as the typical college student, haven’t heard of this, but according to a MIAC (Missouri Information Analysis Center) report distributed to police officers in Missouri, if you’re Libertarian, have a U.S. flag or are anything but left-of-center, you are deemed a domestic terrorist. This sort of behavior and suspicion reeks of a New Red Scare, heralded by Nancy Pelosi and other liberals, which Obama has failed to suppress.

Pelosi suggests that violence may spread due to a lack of understanding and racial motivation. Her attempt to appear frightened and sorrowful should prove nothing except that she is willing to exhibit whichever emotions suit her agenda best. And her agenda right now is quelling any civil insurrection that may be at her doorstep.

Besides, there are plenty of reasons to dislike Obama. From his numerous broken promises (“Sunlight before Signing,” new American jobs tax credit, no jobs for lobbyists, bring troops home in 16 months, $4,000 college credit, just to name a few) to his excessive spending ($787 billion more in our ever-increasing debt) to his attempt to socialize America (also known as health care reform) and his constant appearances in the media, which serve as a constant reminder that he is but a celebrity acting as a politician, we can determine that he is simply a terrible president.

And you’ll note that none of those reasons are based on the fact that he is half-white and half-black. You’ll also note that none of those reasons can be disputed.

Despite my feelings about Obama, I did like his message to students in schools, and I did appreciate his non-racial approach to his opposition. In these, he has done something the majority of Republicans and conservatives have failed to do since his inauguration – take the high ground and judge somebody based only on their irresponsible policies, rather than their party affiliation.

As far as Pelosi is concerned, I am waiting for the day that the fear-mongering, hate-filled, shifty-eyed woman’s term has ended. She is the epitome of everything that is wrong in America, and her portrayal of a false sense of fear is nothing but misleading and downright chilling.

What can you as a responsible, educated, young college-attendee do? Start paying attention. Don’t vote for people who won’t listen to you and don’t vote for anyone who makes many promises – chances are, they won’t be able to keep them, and you’ll get nothing but lies from them and those in office who support him or her.

Josh Phillips is a senior business administration major. His column appears Tuesdays in the Collegian. Letters and feedback can be sent to

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