Sep 172009
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

We’ve got to hand it to Mr. Frank and Mr. Blake because they’ve truly got some cajones.

As the 14th CSU president and sole system chancellor, Frank and Blake have truly entered a new era, one not previously experienced by any other president/chancellor combination in university history.

And to the two men who will lead the university for years to come, we say good luck.

Although the university has endured through decades of set backs and obstacles, including the Dust Bowl and economic downturns, as highlighted in Frank’s inaugural speech, the heads of the CSU System find themselves in the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.

Our state budget is a feeble shell of what it was in the past. Higher education funding in Colorado is among the lowest in the nation, and it looks like it won’t change anytime soon.

On one hand Blake and Frank might have an extreme amount of courage, and not to mention the clout to raise support for Colorado’s second largest universit. On the other hand, they might be flat out crazy.

But the students, faculty and staff support the two. And so do we.

And since the greater CSU community has given Blake and Frank such support, we have a message for the new president and chancellor: Don’t mess it up.

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