Sep 152009
Authors: Susan Pinkus

Dear Editor,

With the recent increase in popularity of scooters on campus, I decided I just had to have one. My innate frugality had me searching for months to find just the right scooter.

My criteria were simple: I wanted a previously-owned, name-brand scooter that’s easy to repair, not more than 2 or 3 years old, with very low mileage and in mint condition for a fantastic price. Finally, I saw the perfect scooter advertised in early July and I purchased it immediately.

I could not wait to cruise to campus on my not-so-new Honda Metropolitan. Only I had no idea what the campus rules are for scooters.

Since my scooter is only 49ccs and does not require a motorcycle permit, can I park next to the bike rack? Or can I just park anywhere, like on the sidewalk or under a tree? And do I have to buy a parking pass for my scooter? Can I ride my scooter on the bike paths? Do I have to register my scooter with the police department?

I spoke with a Fort Collins police officer to inquire about the rules and he was able to enlighten me on the following: Scooter drivers must have a valid driver’s license on them whenever they are driving their scooter on city streets.

And if you drive your 49cc scooter faster than 30 mph, you must have a valid motorcycle license, (completed the motorcycle course and have an M on your driver’s license) otherwise you can receive a ticket.

Then the officer advised me to inquire at the CSU Police Department to find out what the specific rules are for scooters on campus. This is what I found out:

Registration: All motorized scooters must be registered with CSUPD for a one-time fee of $10.

-Parking: Scooters are required to have a valid parking permit for campus and must be parked in motorcycle parking at all times.

-Traffic Laws:/Scooters are not allowed on any bike paths on campus and are also bound by the normal motor vehicle traffic laws.

– Speed Limits:/Speed limit is 20 mph on campus streets and 10 mph in the parking lots.

– Passengers — Passengers are allowed on scooters that have a seat that provides adequate space for a rider.

– Protective Eyewear — Protective eyewear is required and clear lenses are recommended at night.

So there you have it, all the rules I could find for the new scooter commuters at CSU. If you have any other questions please call Parking Services or CSUPD.

Susan Pinkus

CSU Parking Services

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