Sep 152009
Authors: Jake Selley

Dear Editor,

In Kevin Hollinhead’s column, “Playing video games: the new addiction?” there was not sufficient evidence to say that video games do not correlate to psychological illnesses. There are numerous studies that prove that excessive playing of video games can in fact correlate to harmful psychological issues.

I am a psychology major, and I have come to the conclusion that playing video games can lead to health issues such as obesity and depression. If one spends hours upon hours daily sitting in front of the TV playing video games, health issues are bound to arise.

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, people need regular exercise. Those who play video games excessively sacrifice many other important areas of life. Oftentimes, excessive playing can result not only in poor health but also in a lack of social skills.

This can then play into many other aspects of life such as trying to get a job. When an employer sees that a person does not have a well-balanced life, he or she has a strong tendency to not hire that gamer. Excessive playing cannot only lead to health problems but also psychological and social problems.

Jake Selley

Psychology Major

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