Yays and Nays

Sep 142009

Yay | to Gartrell Johnson III reaching the big time, finally getting his first NFL action on Monday Night Football. Too bad he’s working with the hated San Diego Chargers.

Nay | to the first round of term papers and pop quizzes. Who do the professors think we are? Clearly the light in the Ramskeller is too dim to read our textbooks.

Yay | to the Ramskeller. Despite negatively affecting our performance in both school and work, and not to mention our liver’s performance later in life, where would we be without you? Probably hanging with the virgin band geeks.

Nay | to fake texts sent out to CSU-issued cell phones. What’s next, texts telling of tornadoes flying in from the foothills?

Yay | to lucky wins by both Rams football and the Denver Broncos. Now, if only we Collegianites got out of the cave called Student Media more, we’d get lucky too.

Nay | to Kanye West’s interjection during the MTV Video Music Awards. Dude, it’s Taylor Swift. Next time you want to act stupidly involving her, ask the Jonas Brothers.

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