Ram Talk

Sep 142009

Dear Collegian editors: Did you forget how to use the space bar? Oristhisconsideredatrendywritingstyle?

Word to the wise: Before you decide to just read the Spark Notes the night before your book quiz, make sure the book does, in fact, have a Spark Notes.

I find it ironic that the day I get back from Vegas that there are people handing out Bibles on campus.

A way not to get to a girl’s heart: Steal her phone, put your name and number into it … text her from your phone an hour later, and tell her you’re laying in your boxers waiting for her four houses down the street.

Listening to “I Love College” on my iPod, not paying attention, hung over, in last night’s clothes and got handed a Bible … Touche, Bible Guy, Touche.

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