Sep 102009
Authors: Compiled Heidi Reitmeier

Does anyone else ever want to giggle at how it looks to use the automatic soap dispensers in the LSC?

To all the “cool” guys out there: It’s after Labor Day so please stop wearing your white block sunglasses.

To all the fantasy football players out there: Make sure to check you rosters before Sunday. Make sure Brett Favre didn’t retire again.

If the world ends in 2012, do I still have to pay back my loans?

I saw the Fat Tire delivery truck drive down Shields today . . . I thought, YAY! Big Girl Ice Cream Truck!

History & Appreciation of Film: A class aimed at teaching the beauty of old movies, yet so far I’ve only learned to appreciate the beauty of the young TA.

To the girl talking obnoxiously loud on your phone: saying, “Yeah! If you read the book, the class makes so much more sense.” Um, duh.

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