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Authors: Stern Seth

I received a form e-mail from U.S. Rep. Jared Polis, D-District 2, last week regarding some concerns I aired related to the health care debate. My thoughts regarding his partisan nonsense follow each quote.

“One of my top priorities as your representative is to ensure the good health of the Coloradan people and the Coloradan economy,” Polis began.

You not only intend to control how and where we spend our money, but your priority is Colorado? Why do we have state government and where in Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution did the founders grant the power to address this priority?

“Health care reform is the single most important step we can take to help families and rebuild our economy, and I feel this cannot be accomplished without a strong public option,” Polis stated.

By “reform,” you intentionally mislabel what is in reality either “usurpation” or “takeover.” Removing yourselves from Wall Street, cutting spending, admitting the impossibility of paying the existing debt and coming up with a defined plan for the financial survival of the nation should all be higher priorities than this shadow game.

The truth, Congressman Polis, is the American people have 435 Representatives, 100 Senators and a President in Washington D.C., yet only Congressman Ron Paul is addressing the reality of the important steps needed to rebuild our economy. The rest of you are snake-oil salesman, liars, puppets and idiots.

“President Obama pledged that this will not be the case and that private health care will remain an option,” Polis stated.

Presidents, especially attorneys elected from the historically corrupt state of Illinois, lie. How will private industry compete with a taxpayer-funded entity with no profit motive and as we know, no concern for cost or efficiency?

“An option to enroll in a public insurance plan will not simply give Americans another choice of coverage, it will compel private insurers to lower costs and provide a higher, more reliable standard of care,” Polis argued.

You are either a liar or fool. The only force on Earth known to lower costs of anything is the free market, in which you corrupt and contemptible loons are once again interfering.

“I believe that President Obama’s health care reform proposal is the first big step for systemic change,” Polis claimed. I think you are dead wrong on this one Jared. This health reform proposal may very well be the last step in systemic collapse of the economy followed by the country.

“I am committed to working with President Obama to pass comprehensive health care reform. High quality, patient-centered, affordable health care is the right of every American and the time to act on this mandate is now,” Polis said.

No, health care is not a right. We have the rights to free speech, to keep and bear arms, the states have the right to govern without your meddling and incompetent federal influence. But a right to health care is a myth conjured by politicians desiring to please voters who want something for nothing.

“I am certain we can pass a health care reform bill that addresses the need of a crippling and growing problem,” Polis stated.

We can simply remove every federal regulation related to cost and insurance. That alone would send the costs of health care plummeting.

Congressman Polis, when you come up with a health care plan that requires the termination of Congress’ health care program in order for every single one of you to live with the system you legislate, then you will make progress in convincing the masses you have any idea what you are doing.

If this plan provides such excellent and cost effective health care for taxpayers, why have you exempted yourselves from receiving your healthcare from this plan?

Seth Stern is a senior journalism and sociology major and a political science minor. His column appears Fridays in the Collegian. Letters and feedback can be sent to

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