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Authors: Adam Bohlmeyer

While beating Weber State and beginning the season 2-0 should be enough motivation for the CSU Rams Saturday, some players and coaches are finding a little extra incentive to win in the form of Ag Day.

A day before their home opener at Hughes Stadium, most of the Rams are focused on picking up a win, but a select few are taking a second to look to their agriculture based past.

CSU offensive coordinator and wide receiver coach Greg Peterson explained that he only has to think back to his childhood to see the importance of Ag Day.

“I’m an old farm boy, so Ag Day is huge for me,” the Nebraska native said. “It’s an awesome deal to recognize a great Ag school here in Colorado State. It has special meaning for the state of Colorado, because a lot of Colorado is rural and agriculture based, so you have to get fired up. ”

Tight End and fellow Nebraskan Eric Peitz agreed with his coach about the importance of Ag Day, adding that it’s nice to have a day dedicated to the topic.

“It does mean a little extra something I guess,” Peitz, who grew up in a town with a population of 700 people, said. “Agriculture is such a big part of our country and economy. It’s nice that it is recognized by schools like CSU.”

Wide Receiver Tyson Liggett, who grew up in Limon, a heavily agriculturally based town on the eastern plains, said playing on Ag Day provides extra reason to deliver a win.

“In a way, it does,” he said. “A lot of kids from the eastern plains come up here to school. Ag Day means a lot to them and our community out there, that’s what a lot of it out there is.”

Although the Rams are 1-0 on Ag Day during head coach Steve Fairchild’s reign at CSU, they are hoping for an easier win than last season. During the first Ag Day of the Fairchild era, the Rams barely escaped with a victory against Sacramento State, beating the Hornets 23-20 on a last second field goal from kicker Ben DeLine.

Although Fairchild is excited about the upcoming event, the former CSU quarterback is more concerned about getting off to a 2-0 start in front of all of Ram nation.

“That’s important (Ag Day), but what’s really important is that it’s our home opener and a chance to play well in front of our fans,” Fairchild said. “We always talk about making this a tough trip on people. We took a little bit of a step last year.”

Although Liggett is usually completely focused on winning the game for his coaches and teammates, the junior explained that this Saturday he is playing for just a little bit more.

“Usually it’s all game focus for me, but I know a lot of guys from Limon up here who are Ag focused,” he said. “To win one for them on their day, that wouldn’t be too bad.”

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