Sep 092009
Authors: Compiled Heidi Reitmeier

Since Penley left, can we get Fum’s Song back?

It’s always awkward when you run into someone on campus who has seen you naked.

To all the people I meet each weekend: It would be helpful if I could remember who you are when you approach me on campus.

To the bikers who want universal hand signals for bike cops: If the Dismount Zone and Stop signs don’t help you, I doubt hand signals will help you avoid the bike cops.

The quality of a professor is inversely related to the number of Collegians left on the desks after class.

Whenever it rains, the Howes Street ally smells like beer.

To my alarm clock: Is it necessary for you to go off right in the middle of the best sex dream I’ve had in a while? It’s just not fair.

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