Letter to the Editor

Sep 092009

I’m proud to be a Ram. I’m proud of a campus community that helped lead the football team to victory on Sunday.

I’m not proud of Tuesday’s edition of the school newspaper.

As a member of the CSU marching band, I was at the Showdown, cheering on the Rams to their glorious victory at Folsom. I know what happened during our halftime show; I had the unfortunate opportunity to get a quick glimpse.

After investigating, it was clear the streaker literally ran through the band, from one end zone to the other. What made me proud was that we didn’t even flinch; we played louder and marched harder, most of us not knowing at the time what the crowd was pointing and laughing at.

What was disappointing, after reading the Collegian’s Yays and Nays, was the disregard of who actually took the streaker down. It was not two security guards, but in fact a single person, our Director of Bands, Dr. J. Steven Moore.

I’ve accepted the fact that the band is hardly recognized for our effort and support of CSU athletics. The lack of recognition may not be okay, but it is reality. What I refuse to accept is disregard for actual events.

Dr. Moore did a job meant for lousy CU security. He stuck his neck out for us, and it went ignored. I’m probably not the only disappointed band member, and rightly so. You mess with Dr. Moore, and you mess with the entire band.

If Dr. Moore could tackle a naked man in front of thousands of people, I believe the Collegian could publish truthful articles. We aren’t just the football team’s band. We are your band, here for you, the students, and I ask that as your band, show some respect. Please.

Allie Wilde

Junior, Equine Science

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