Sep 082009
Authors: Compiled Heidi Reitmeier

To the girl in the same bathroom as me on Friday who had enough time to get bored and read a book: I’ve got one word for you — laxative.

Dorm dryers: New higher price, same leaves-your-clothes-damp quality.

How is cutting the best walk-on runner from the cross country team ‘Defending the Fort’?

Best part of my day? Seeing a bike cop pull over a biker with a CU T-shirt on. Go back to Hippieville.

I hear 50 percent of us will come in contact with swine flu. Does hand sanitizer come in buckets?

I say we all form some sort of universal hand signal to let each other know when the bike cops are out.

You know you have the best band director around when he is willing to full-body tackle a CU streaker who runs through the band as they perform during halftime at Folsom Field.

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