Yays and Nays

Sep 072009

Yay | to CSU football for stomping on those Boulder boneheads. Nothing puts a smile on Rammies’ faces like watching 50,000 CU fans go silent.

Nay | to $5 beers at the Tour de Fat. Perhaps the prices are so high in order keep those pesky drunken bikers off our streets — because people never drink and bike at Tour de Fat.

Yay | to the streaker at the Rocky Mountain Showdown. You can’t beat watching two security guards reluctantly tackle a dirty, wiener-wielding trustafarian.

Nay | to shooting rubber bullets at excited students. Maybe they should have aimed the bullet at the CU streaker’s thighs . just as a warning.

Yay | to a four-day week after Labor Day. But who goes to class anyway when the Ramskeller is clearly open? Virgin Engineering majors, that’s who.

Nay | to a hazy, hangover-filled weekend. Between Tour de Fat and the Showdown, we’re still schlurrrrrrrring our wawooooords.

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