We’ve got Ram fever

Sep 072009
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Fairchild, we’ve got Ram fever.

In the tumultuous rile of college sports fanaticism, it’s always easy to deride those players, coaches and teams that don’t live up to the dream. It’s all the more easy when those programs are so dreadfully under-funded as, say, CSU is.

But once in a while, those teams from which fans learn to expect very little turn the tide, bringing with them a whirlwind of rekindled excitement. Then, we are given a reason to set down our beers and attentively gawk at the age-old tradition of ceremonious savagery.

We call it Ram pride, and CSU’s performance in the Rocky Mountain Showdown at Folsom Field Sunday marks its green and gold resurrection.

Rams head coach Steve Fairchild is just what the doctor ordered. With a medley of quarterback Grant Stucker, running back John Mosure and an altogether stellar defense, Fairchild has blended a feverous concoction for which there is no cure.

We’ve got Ram fever, and the only prescription is more Steve Fairchild.

Stoically focused, hard and so-very-much-not-Sonny Lubick, Fairchild has successfully breathed new life into a team we hardly even recognized. We saw a team designed to dominate.

Sure, it’s only one game. But with that disastrous recipe that broiled the Buffs on their own turf (the putrid trustafarian apex), Ram nation is feeling saucy — Colorado’s scrappy underdogs mean business.

And your fans are behind you. Use the momentum, keep the drive and show the Mountain West Conference that Ram Power lives on at that poor farm college an hour north of Denver.

We’ve got Ram fever, and the only prescription is more Steve Fairchild.

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