Ram Talk

Sep 072009

To the red-head CU fan picking their nose on the big screen: You’re not going to find a victory up there. Go Rams.

Sonny Lubick’s salary, $500,000. Coach Fairchild’s salary: $800,000. Rushing Folsom after CSU victory: priceless.

Video games are addicting? Try Dihydrogen Monoxide … I don’t know anyone who isn’t addicted to it.

Dear Cody Hawkins: Your dad doesn’t count as a wide receiver, good luck next year.

Summertime: I don’t know how I made it through without the free Plaza candy.

Quick fact, Cody Hawkins: There is no escape key on his computer. There is no way Hawkins can ever escape the wrath of James Morehead or any of the CSU defensive line.

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