Letter to the editor

Sep 072009
Authors: Steve Fairchild

Dear CSU community,

I can’t tell you how much your support meant the other night in Boulder. You may have made up a small percentage of the fans in that stadium, but you made a big difference in the way we played. Our players fed off the energy you created, and I’ll never forget the scene on the field after the game. You also represented our university and our team with class, and we were very proud of you. You were bigtime in helping us overcome some steep adversity in that environment, on a national stage.

Let’s keep this thing rolling. Please come out to watch us this week in our home opener Saturday afternoon. Student tickets are free and available at our ticket office or in the student center. We need your support. You give our team an edge, and we definitely notice you there.

Steve Fairchild

Head Football Coach

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