Sep 032009
Authors: Compiled Heidi Reitmeier

All is fair in love and parking wars.

To the girl who took out the guy on the skateboard by the rec: Thanks. I enjoyed stopping and looking at his handsome face for a little longer.

You know your a huge stoner when you trade your purse for a Target bag full of food before you leave your apartment.

Would someone please tell the people going up the stairs in Clark that they are 30 seconds away from their classroom? Please make room for us going down who have to walk across campus to Moby.

Quick fact about new CSU quarterback Grant Stucker: There is no ‘ctrl’ button on Grant Stucker’s computer. Grant Stucker is always in control.

Dear CSU, I apologize in advance for the decline in students’ grades over the next couple weeks. I take full responsibilty. Sincerely, Guitar Hero 5

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