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In the fashion world, Labor Day is synonymous with not wearing white. On the Front Range, the national holiday means a chest-pounding, school-colors-painting, alcohol-imbibing conglomeration of testosterone in the shape of pigskin.

But most people call it the Rocky Mountain Showdown.

Here’s the low-down on this sacred gridiron weekend: Buffaloes and Rams fans show up three hours before game time; get ridiculously hammered (or not if you follow that weird concept called responsibility); cheer and jeer each other; try to sober up before the end of the game; and then 20,000 people go home enthused about their season while the other 20 grand find themselves dejected.

Although we encourage these fun activities, of course responsibly and legally, we politely solicit that fellow Rammies look deep down inside and ask, “Why do we put so much stock in one game?”

Yeah, it’s fun to poke and prod our ugly stepchild from the South. Yeah, it’s nice to say we beat a team from a top-ranked football conference. And yeah, it feels good to rub a win in the face of those dirty hippies.

But is it really worth gauging an entire season on 60 lousy minutes, especially when it’s in Boulder?

Take last year, for example. Our Rams suffered a blow out at the hands of our rivals, but we put it in the rearview mirror and carried ourselves to a bowl win.

We just suggest not putting all the footballs in one bag. Lets spread the enthusiasm throughout an entire season, and maybe, just maybe, we’ll push past last year’s results.

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