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Authors: Ian Mahan

As Denver becomes a new focal point in discovering the next musical Mecca, the talent emerging from the city is hard to ignore.

Enter Meese, a four-piece rock band from the Mile High City whose major label debut “Broadcast,” hit record stores this summer.

Though still relatively new to the major label music industry, Meese has already garnered attention with their new album, which covers a wide array of musical styles as displayed by frontman Patrick Meese.

Right from the get-go the fast-paced, guitar-driven, basic drum beat track “Forward Motion” keeps the listener gelled to the album long enough to see that Meese is moving forward.

“Tell Me It’s Over” launched Meese into Atlantic Records stardom, but is nothing more than a recycling of a hit song, perhaps for a lack of better material to place on the album.

The title track “Broadcast” shows the more ballad rock side of the band than just a quirky quartet. Through the song, Meese not only shows mastership of their instruments, but also all the little sound effects that most rock albums miss out on nowadays — reminiscent of Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon.”

“Next In Line,” the first single off of “Broadcast,” shows that Meese has enough pop sensibility to make Stevie Wonder turn his head. The song is a classic four on the floor dance beat with an attitude provided by the crunch in the guitars and Meese’s earnest, yet desperate, vocals.

Though the album is a strong major label debut with enough songs to leave listeners anticipating the band’s next great pop opus, the remainder of the tracks on “Broadcast” are hum-able at best. However, the gems outshine the mediocre and less polished songs, making “Broadcast” worth more than just a spin through a CD player.

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