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Authors: Kirsten Silveira

Student government ratified Eric Berlinberg,/one of four applicants, as the second director for RamRide since spring semester Wednesday night.

Berlinberg was accepted with wide support from the Associated Students of CSU Senate at the group’s weekly meeting.

Only a week after kicking off the program with the director seat empty, Berlinberg is stepping up to the plate and taking on the job, which many student government officials say is the most demanding position in ASCSU.

Student government Vice President Tim Hole said that having a RamRide director as qualified as Berlinberg will allow President Dan Gearhart and him to participate in the program but focus more of their attention on other major issues.

Berlinberg, a sophomore undeclared major seeking business, described himself as an adept time manager and said his primary goal is ensuring the efficiency and accessibility of RamRide.

“I can’t tell you how valuable it is to have a RamRide director, it takes a huge burden off Dan, (Chief of Staff) Tim (Sellers), and I,” Hole said.

Before being ratified, Berlinberg familiarized himself with the inner workings of RamRide by volunteering with Gearhart last week, which was the only night he has spent in the program.

“He came Friday night and donated his time when he didn’t have to. That was amazing,” Gearhart said.

Berlinberg said he was drawn to the position by an article published in the Collegian early last week, and upon spending time out on the road with Gearhart, Berlinberg said he was sure he could make a positive contribution to the program.

“I feel like I can be a good resource for ASCSU and CSU students,” Berlinberg said.

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