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Some athletes get their strength from lifting weights, some from conditioning. While these things certainly benefit John Mosure, the CSU running back said he draws his strength from a higher power.

Mosure, a self-professed follower of Jesus Christ, said his faith and his athletic career coincide on and off the field, helping him to gain power in every aspect of his life, especially football.

“With our sport, we go through so many more challenges than the everyday student,” Mosure, a junior, said. “I know that I can wake up every single day and ask God for strength, and he’ll get me through that. As long as I give it all I have, I know he will get me through it, and that’s the type of faith that helps me on the field.”

As the anticipated starting running back for the Rams this season, Mosure found his faith in seventh grade, accepting Jesus Christ as his personal savior and rededicating his faith in high school. It wasn’t until college that the communications studies major said his relationship with God really took off.

A Florida native, Mosure explained that while at CSU he has learned a number of lessons he missed out on before playing college football.

“In college is where I learned to live for Christ on the field just like I do off the field,” he said. “Off and on the field it’s a struggle staying faithful, keeping my mouth clean and making sure I’m not playing for my own glory.”

Mosure’s teammates and coaches say they see the evidence and results of his beliefs when they view his college football career. Alex Square, also a running back with the Rams, said that Mosure’s faith has a big impact on the type of leader he is.

“He’s more of a silent leader type,” Square, a senior, said. “He’s not a guy to run off at the mouth. He keeps his tongue under control, he’s smart and he’s encouraging. You can see that he incorporates his faith into his running and everything he does.”

Running backs coach Anthoney Hill agreed, adding he can see how Mosure’s faith is a source of strength.

“I don’t see why it wouldn’t be,” said Hill, a former CSU quarterback. “To be grounded in that helps a lot. It’s your source and for him (Mosure) to recognize that and play to it speaks volumes about who he is.”

Mosure credits individuals around him, including Square for helping him to stay strong in his Christian walk.

“There are people around me, just certain individuals God placed in my life, so I wouldn’t fall off the path and end up on the wrong one,” Mosure said. “Those individuals help me stay strong. I’m not necessarily the strongest all the time, but they are there to lift me up and help me out.”

Mosure isn’t shy about sharing his faith on the football field, but hopes his actions speak louder than his words. The 5-feet-10-inch, 211-pounder said he isn’t hesitant to pray for teammates in times of difficulty including injury and exhaustion.

Mosure has also taken steps to take his faith into the community. Last Super Bowl Sunday, the third-year varsity player spoke in front of the congregation of Immanuel Community church, sharing his faith and experiences.

Square appreciates Mosure’s openness and confidence in his beliefs. Square, a Poudre High School graduate, said the fruits of Mosure’s actions are not hard to find.

“I think your faith can help you on the field and off the field,” Square said. “The ability to incorporate God on the field is something that he (Mosure) has learned and it shows. He leads by example so guys know him through his example.”

In less than five days, Mosure is scheduled to walk into Folsom Field, beginning his second-to-last season as a Ram against the Buffaloes of CU-Boulder. As this happens, the former kick return specialist is confident he’s playing not only for himself or the people around him, but for a much larger entity.

“I’m playing this game not just for my teammates, my family or whoever it is; I’m playing it for Him (God),” Mosure said. “It helps me to get through the hard times, knowing I can look up to the sky and know that it’s because of Him I’m here.”

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