Aug 312009
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

It’s going down in D-town.

On Monday, the contract for the Rocky Mountain Showdown, the annual football rivalry between CSU and CU-Boulder, was extended through the 2020 season. Under that contract the next 10 games will be played at Invesco Field at Mile High in Denver, and the last year of the contract puts the game at Hughes Stadium in Fort Collins.

We at the Collegian think moving the showdown back to Denver is a good move for CSU and Ram fans. Not only will the rivalry match be held in a neutral location, but the stadium is bigger, the game is nationally televised and, from a financial aspect, CSU stands to make more money there than holding it at home.

Tickets prices for Sunday’s showdown at Folsom Field in Boulder were $72 per student. We don’t know about you, but we feel that’s a rather large dent in a college student’s wallet. The high ticket price and the fact that the game is being held in hippie-ville probably discouraged a large number of CSU fans from purchasing tickets.

Ticket prices were cheaper for students the past three years when the game was held in Denver. Not to mention, it was just way more exciting. There’s nothing like seeing half of Invesco filled with Forever Green T-shirts and hearing chants of “F ’em up, CSU!”

Some may argue that it’s unfair for Boulder to host the game this year, and we won’t host until 2020. But hey, who cares anyway? Those of you who will be around in 11 years can deal with the logistical nightmare of having the showdown in Fort Collins.

So, here’s to next year’s debacle in Denver. It shall be grand.

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