Aug 272009
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

With just more than one week until the Rocky Mountain Showdown in Boulder, one worrisome question lingers: Who will start at quarterback for CSU?

Much like last year’s quarterback battle between Grant Stucker and Billy Farris, head coach Steve Fairchild has yet to name a starter.

This season, however, the battle is between Stucker and Jon Eastman, neither of who has started at such a level.

Though verbally displeased with Stucker, Fairchild has flip-flopped between the two.

Stucker can run the football. Virtually every down he played in 2008 was designed specifically for him to run. And Stucker himself said that he likes to run.

So why can’t he just perfect the passing game? It would be nice for the Rams to have a true dual-threat quarterback to finally show up that leprechaun-looking daddy’s boy, Cody Hawkins.

Hawkins has beaten on CSU two years in a row now, so we can’t let him have a trifecta.

Now we’re not questioning Fairchild’s coaching ability. Last year Fairchild proved to be the greatest first-year head coach in CSU football history.

All we want is to hear a name. Any name, even if the name is Tony Frank.

We want a win in Boulder next weekend, and even if it would have no effect on the outcome or if the name changed a few times before kickoff, just naming someone as the starter would help us sleep better at night.

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