LTTE: Hazing

Aug 272009
Authors: Taffin Smith

I am extremely disappointed to see this article (Sorority Booted for Hazing) appear on the front page of the Collegian. Though hazing is indeed a serious and severe issue, the article completely overshadows the truly amazing things the seven Pan-Hellenic sororities that are supported by CSU do participate in.

I think this is horrible PR for the many young women looking to join Greek Life in the closely approaching recruitment. Nothing positive about Greek Life ever appears in the Collegian; instead of emphasizing the bad, you should be encouraging these young women to join because of the philanthropy, academic opportunities and lifelong friendships they can become a part of.

It should also be noted that CSU, Greek Life and Pan-Hellenic council forbid hazing in every way, and this article should not insinuate otherwise.

This article discourages women from going through recruitment, something that should be supported from the entire CSU community, instead of yet again being looked down upon because of a situation outside of the Pan-Hellenic sororities.

Taffin Smith

Fort Collins Resident

 Posted by at 5:00 pm

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