Aug 262009
Authors: Ian Mahan

Just when it was safe to assume that the last good band to come out of Colorado was 3OH!3, Denver-based band Vegas Baby proves that all bets are off with the Miss Envy EP.

Right from the get go, listeners should be hooked by vocalist Mike Majic coyly asking Miss Envy to take him “for a ride,” in the title track of the EP.

But the real genius shown through the EP is displayed in the band program backing their already talented set of musicians. The album takes the listener on a journey of waking up next to a stranger and becoming all but too attached to the wrong kind of girl.

“Right Direction” is reminiscent of punk band Midtown with melodic bass lines provided by Tyler Wilson. The song sets the pace for the band to follow on the rest of the EP, with drummer Jeff Bellandi showing that sometimes a rock drummer has to put a bit of techno flare in his beat.

A standard dance-rock tune with effected vocals and a synth line, “Control” sounds like something straight off of a Soft Cell album. But the understated appeal of the track comes from the guitar work of Danny Majic and Josh Doyle, who provide an up tempo set of riffs and power chords, making sure listeners’ dancing shoes are completely filled.

The song ranks as the most notable from the EP, showcasing not just a simple band, but rather a masterful craftsmanship behind its riffs, drum breakdowns and electronic vocals from start to finish.

“The Heist” and “Clockwork” demonstrate how the band has built such a buzz in the Denver scene, with hooks and plenty of electronic orchestration.

Whether or not you are looking for a rock album or an electronic album, “Miss Envy” has the appropriate amount of both genres to keep your feet tapping or going for a night out on the town. Roll the windows down when you’re cruising around because losing control is inevitable.

Regardless of their centralization in the Metro Area, Vegas Baby isn’t bluffing with their music. They simply hold all the cards to become a household name in the local scene.

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