Aug 262009
Authors: Kirsten Silveira

The Associated Student of CSU’s flagship program, RamRide, kicks off tonight with a new administration and several organizational changes that were implemented over the summer, student government officials said this week.

The top three officers for ASCSU are currently running the program, which offers free rides home on the weekends for people who have been drinking, until they find a permanent replacement in the near future.

ASCSU President Dan Gearhart, Vice President Tim Hole and Chief-of-Staff Tim Sellers are organizing and volunteering the first weekend of the program.

ASCSU is looking to hire an official director to handle all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into making each weekend’s effort a success. The RamRide director is paid what Gearhart called a “small stipend” of $3,650 over the span of a year.

“They’re paid more than most directors because they put more time in,” Gearhart said. Hole later added that until the former director is replaced, “the money is staying in the account.”

ASCSU struck a new deal for vehicles for the program with CSU Motor Pool, which will provide six cars on Thursday and 15 cars on Friday and Saturday. The new vehicles will be white with a CSU logo.

The organization previously contracted out to Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

“The change from Enterprise to Motor Pool is enormous,” Gearhart said. “We’re keeping the money within CSU.”

Although officials aren’t positive on the exact fiscal amount saved by the transition, they plan to assess that information and release it toward the end of the semester, said Matt Strauch, the chief spokesperson for Gearhart and Hole.

Currently, the RamRide budget, which is funded by student fees, is a line item in the greater ASCSU budget, but Gearhart and Hole hope to move program out from under ASCSU’s jurisdiction.

Student government officials said that because RamRide is such a “large entity” it needs its own professional staff to function to its full potential.

While RamRide is being “revamped,” students can still expect the program to run as it has in the past.

“If it’s in the City of Fort Collins, and you need to be somewhere in Fort Collins, we’ll take you there,” Gearhart said, adding later that, “It’s business as usual.”

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