Aug 262009

Decades ago, cruel and bizarre hazing tactics were the norm in Greek organizations across the nation, practices that are now merely part of the past, quelled by vehement anti-hazing efforts and regulations.

But at CSU, it seems old practices die hard.

An appalling police report that outlines numerous incidents of malicious and, in some cases, dangerous hazing by four members of the sorority Zeta Phi Beta was obtained by the Collegian Wednesday.

These disturbing circumstances are exacerbated by the fact that, for the past half-a-decade, the Greeks have worked so hard to overhaul a reputation tarnished by alcohol abuse and hazing scandals that shook CSU and resulted in the death of a student.

This is the last thing the rest of the hard-working Greek population (not to mention the international community of Zeta Phi Beta, which is known for its philanthropic efforts) here needed.

In the last five years, CSU Greeks overcame adversity, lent a hand to the downtrodden and reinvented themselves as champions of charity and justice.

We know the Greeks’ good work will continue, but the behavior displayed by these rogue women spat in the face of Greeks everywhere.

The actions of the four women at the Zeta Phi Beta, which CSU ousted Aug. 5, have marred the reputation of the CSU’s Greeks and Zeta Phi Beta chapters everywhere.

At the same time, we have to ask ourselves why the same CSU administration that promised us transparency and honesty didn’t even announce that the sorority had gotten the boot.

Not until our own Collegian reporter acquired the public report himself after receiving an anonymous tip did the university so much as utter a peep about the situation — nearly three weeks after CSU severed its ties with the chapter.

When, CSU administration, will you learn that we students have a right to know what happens at our university? You didn’t learn from Sonny Lubick, you didn’t learn from Dexter Yarborough and you didn’t learn from Larry Penley.

Maybe, and we’re certainly not holding our breath, you’ll learn from this one.

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