Aug 252009
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OK, so drinking isn’t all that bad, especially in safe and welcoming circumstances. Oh, of course, only if you’re of age, because no college student would violate the law.

In fact, many good opportunities come out of socially drinking with friends: relationships, story ideas and the occasional piece of lawn furniture.

But the thing that catches most college students in a bad situation is ignorance.

Many students step their itty-bitty frosh feet on campus and go completely bonkers. There seem to be few consequences and definitely no parents to stop you from taking an alcohol-induced nap on the intramural fields after 15 rounds of SoCo.

Ah ha, but there are several tricks (or strategies, for the professionals out there) to keep yourself alive and have some drinking dignity.

Never drink alone. Occasionally, you may want to have a beer in the shower, so it’s OK to drink alone then, but attempt to buddy up.

Also, pace yourself. It’s so not funny to fall down three or four rows of football fans just because you proved you’re a good chugger.

Finally, if you don’t want to drink, don’t drink. Look, your friends aren’t really your friends if they haze you into imbibing.

And don’t be afraid to seek help or ask for counseling if you have a problem drinking or with others drinking.

Despite what you think, the university community is not out to get you (unless you live with three or more other people). CSU’s new pilot alcohol education program U ConsiderThis and the University Counseling Center are great resources for students.

But most of all just remember to be safe and stay classy, Fort Collins.

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