Aug 242009
Authors: Jim Sojourner

With less than a week remaining before Greg Mortenson’s address, fewer than 500 of the 2,150 allotted student tickets remain available for pick-up or reservation.

CSU’s Box Office Manager Jim Taggart said the 8,500 total available tickets have sold rapidly since Mortenson was announced as the Monfort lecturer just over a week ago, and all 6,350 general admission tickets sold out by Aug. 20.

Taggart called the event “very popular” and said the box office sold 96 tickets in the first minute they were available online.

Both the general admission and student tickets were available to students and both types were free.

Mortenson is the co-author of the New York Times bestselling “Three Cups of Tea.” The book has spent over 130 weeks on the bestseller list and sold more than 3 million copies. It chronicles his experiences founding rural schools in volatile regions of Pakistan and Afghansitan, where he continues to work today.

Matt Helmer, the director of Events for CSU, said he thinks Mortenson may be particularly popular with students because they can relate to him more than to a world leader or politician.

Helmer said Mortenson embodies many of CSU’s ideals by

demonstrating that just one person with a vision can make a difference in the world. He called Mortenson a symbol of hope and said he “demonstrates the power of philanthropy.”

Mortenson’s lecture will be in Moby Arena at 7 p.m. on Monday, and Taggart said tickets will be available to students with a valid student ID on site in the unlikely event that they don’t sell out beforehand.

Will call is available at Moby, but Taggart said the box office is the best and easiest place to pick up a ticket due to the sheer number of will call orders already placed. The limit is now one ticket per student.

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