Aug 242009
Authors: Madeline Novey

A CSU Health Network doctor confirmed Tuesday evening that a CSU student was swabbed for the H1N1 virus after testing positive for influenza A, a separate strand of the flu virus.

The results of the swine flu swab will not come back for about a week, said Jane Higgens, a CSU Health Network doctor.

A second student, who lives off-campus, tested positive for influenza A, a common name for the avian influenza virus, according to the Center for Disease Control’s Web site. They were not tested for swine flu, Higgens said.

“It is probable that this person has H1N1, although we don’t have a positive test for that strain of the flu,” Dell Rae Moellenberg, CSU spokesperson, said in an e-mail to the Collegian.

The student, who lives off-campus, will not be tested for swine flu at this time, Moellenberg said, because the university when there is a “cluster of possible flu cases of when a person is hospitalized.”

There is no set definition for a cluster, Higgens said.

CSU health officials will swab for H1N1 when they see a student who comes in with the flu and lives in the residence halls as per a request from the local health department Tuesday.

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